NOVEMBER 7, 2018

It’s finally over! Seems like this election has gone on for years and now we know Connecticut is an unshakeable union-dominated Democratic state. If there was ever a chance for change, this should have been it. The state is facing a deficit of $4.7 billion. The major cities in the state are all facing bankruptcy. Public employees are retiring with full pay at levels with extortionate fringe benefits and salaries that are rarely discussed in the media but far outpace private pay packages.

Connecticut is ranked 49th in the U.S. in terms of economic growth, falling way behind New York and Massachusetts, our nearest neighbors. People are fleeing the state. Many of our children are no longer able to find jobs locally.

Joel imageBy Joel Schiavone

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Getting close to the election. Are we going to elect a Governor who can wade into this pension mess and straighten it out as they did in Rhode Island several years ago? Or are we going to do another Malloyesqe deal which promises to deal with the issue and does nothing at all. If any of you have been listening to the debates you should have observed that they certainly have not dwelled on how they’re going to get us out of this mess. Not only are the two candidates staying away from this conversation but the questioners at the debates that I viewed did not bring it up at all. I’ve listened to discussions of affordable housing, road repairs, and other de minimis concerns and have heard virtually nothing on the pension mess. Hopefully some of this will get sorted out in the next debate or at least in the newspapers.

Will somebody please help us?!